Treasury Team Leader

Salary: Negotiation

Location: Bamboo Airways Tower, 265 Cầu Giấy, Hà Nội

Department: Finance & Accounting

Deadline: 29/04 — 30/05/2020

Job Description

Job Description

  • Gather loan documents (Legal, cost estimates, project notes ...), build project notes, FS, effective spreadsheets. Develop plans to approach credit institutions, report to the leaders, implement the approach and structure of funding.
  • Working with credit institutions and foreign funds to propose financial plans and capital needs. Provide documents and answer related issues, company finance, ... in the appraisal process. Review credit conditions, disbursement. Answer and explain to partners about credit records.
  • Receiving, checking and comparing documents with credit conditions to directly disburse capital at credit institutions
  • Coordinate with the relevant departments to collect records to control implementation costs, reports under the credit commitment specified in the credit contract.
  • Making reports on capital market and aviation industry

Job requirements:

  • University or higher majors in economics, finance, accounting, banking and auditing.
  • At least 3 years of experience in the same position.
  • Experience in implementing loan operations, project evaluation. PRIORITY candidates with experience working at banks, auditing companies.
  • Understanding of project implementation process
  • Presentation and designing skills of tables and presentations
  • Good excel processing skill, FS analysis;
  • Prefer candidates with CFA, ACCA certificates
  • Skills in communication, handling situations, internal and external relations
  • Know how to allocate time scientifically
  • Honest, enthusiastic, passionate about work, devoted

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