First Officer A320/321

Salary: 105,000,000120,000,000 VNĐ

Location: Hanoi - Vo Chi Cong (HAN), Embassy Garden, 3rd Floor, N01T3 Building, Bac Tu Liem District, HN, VN

Department: Fleet A319/320/321

Deadline: 16/01 — 28/02/2019

Job Description

Minimum requirement of:

  1. 1,500 Total Flight Hours (MULTICREW airplane ON COMMERCIAL AIR TRANSPORT)
  2. 500 hours on A320/321.
  3. Last PIC flight on A320/A321 within the last 12 months at date of start of assignment
  4. Must have ATPL “Frozen” for some pilot who currently holding CPL only.
  5. ICAO English Level 4 or higher
  6. Current class 1 medical certificate
  7. Valid A320 OPC
  8. Valid Passport (minimum 1 year)
  9. The last five pages of logbook
  10. Criminal Record within 6 months
  11. Up to 57 years of age for men and 55 women

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