[China] Station Manager of Beijing Daxing International Airport (PKX)

Salary: Negotiable

Location: PKX - Beijing Daxing International Airport

Department: Services & Ground Operation

Deadline: 01/03 — 31/03/2023

Job Description

I. Roles and responsibilities

  • Organize, manage the product and service provided for passenger, aircraft and crew at assigned   airport and on the route departing from and arriving at this airport.
  • Acting on behalf of Bamboo Airways in operating, controlling operation and handling flights at the assigned airports to meet requirement of safety, security and service quality.
  • Control assigned costs, personnel and manage facilities, vehicles, tools and equipments.

II. Job Description

  • Directly handle and manage the airport operations of all BAV’s flights to meet the requirements of safety, security and quality of services at the assigned airport. Supervise the provision of ground and in flight services to ensure compliance with established processes and regulations.
  • Propose solutions and to be on behalf of BAV to deal with all matters arising from the operations and from flight irregularities in pursuant policies, regulations, procedures, instructions and meet requirement of safety, security and quality of BAV, Airport Authorities.
  • Monitoring standards (before and after flights), flight service standards and other supporting standards to meet SPI, Company KPI, OTP including Passenger handling in terminal and on ramp, bag handling in terminal and on ramp, and cargo handling. Provide corrective measure to improve services.
  • On behalf of Bamboo Airways to work directly with partners, agencies and departments at the airports. Directly responsible for all the procedures relating to flight permissions, operator license, operator certificate with the local aviation authority for international station and assist in applying for all relevant permissions for domestic station. Preside over the reception of the audit team at the assigned airport.
  • Control costs associated with airport operations. Propose and implement external work related to the scope of work in charge. Build demands for quantity of tools and equipments in ground services and inflight services. Supervise the ordering of meals and providing supplies, newspapers for in flight services.
  • Control personnel, assign work, evaluate work performance and monitor staff performance. Conduct training and show good example to the staff.

III. Qualification & Requirements

  • University degree or equivalent majoring in Business Administration, Aviation or equivalent.
  • Specialized certifications: SMS training, Aviation Security, Ramp Safety, Dangerous Goods Regulations, Basic Weight and Balance.
  • At least 3 years working experience in the aviation industry.
  • Proven knowledge in Ground Operations or Customer Services.
  • Good looking. Minimum height: Male - 1m68. Female - 1m58
  • Age: 25 – 40 year old.
  • English - TOEIC 500 or equivalent.
  • Leadership, Decision making, Negociation skill, Problem solving.
  • Independent and abitity to work under pressure.
  • Proactive, Reliable and dependable, Adaptability and having sound work ethic.
  • Well-organized and disciplined.

IV. Employment Benefits

  • Enjoy a competitive salary with a full insurance scheme.
  • Work in an airline with a dynamic and friendly international environment.
  • Have learning and career development opportunities
  • Enjoy traveling by dozens of free-of-charge air tickets for yourself and your family.

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